Acquiring and Maintaining Tires

Acquiring and Maintaining Tires
By Susan B Ward

Tires are very important parts of a vehicle. They determine the controllability of a car and they can either contribute or prevent the occurrence of an accident. Apart from being cautious in order to buy good quality tires, someone can also find ways of purchasing the tires at cheap prices. Once purchased, the person should learn how to keep the tires in good conditions in order to guarantee his or her safe driving. In this article, you will find ways of buying tires cheaply and maintaining them.

1. How to benefit with discounts on tires

While searching for affordable and good quality tires, it is advisable to buy them at online stores. This way, someone is able to identify various vendors who are offering reduction in tire prices, which could be in the form of coupons or promotions. In order to find such stores, you just need to conduct an appropriate online search. One of the websites, which enable you to find discounts via rebate forms, is 'Discount Tire Direct'. A second way of enjoying discount is by using a credit card whose provider offers 'Thank You Rewards', which are redeemable points. When someone accumulates many points, he is able to redeem them while purchasing items such as tires at the participating stores.

In addition, sign up for coupon and promotions' alerts at the websites that offer such services. These sites include and they inform you of the available discounts and promotions. Therefore, you could buy some extra tires even if the ones you are using are still in good conditions. Finally, it is necessary to visit and sign up for email notifications on Firestone and Michelin websites. However, Bridgestone does not offer such notifications. Therefore, you should visit this firm's website in order to find if there are any discounts on offer.

2. How to ensure tires' safety

In order to ensure the driving experience is not a risky one, it is important to maintain tires in good conditions. The first way of doing this is to keep the recommended depth of the treads. When the tires wear out below this depth, you should replace them or have some retreading.

Secondly, it is important to keep proper tire pressure while driving. This way, tires are not at a risk of damage and the control of the car is not compromised. In order to be sure, confirm the right pressure for your vehicle by enquiring from a mechanic or a gas station.

Thirdly, it is important to use tires designed for use on snow either during the winter season or during the cold nights and mornings. The best tires for use during these times are the winter ones. Actually, using all season tires reduces the efficiency of braking by about 35%, which is very risky. In the event whereby you do not have these tires, you can improve their grip by spraying them with an appropriate product.
Fourthly, there are claims that someone should not use tires older than six years. This is because these tires are considered dried out and dangerous for driving on.

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